Rebecca and Alyson receive Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) research funding

Congratulations to Rebecca Lamb and Alyson Moyes (NW2URC, PhD students) for capturing IBMS research grants. Both Rebecca and Alyson recently submitted an application for funding and were successful with their applications. Details of the submissions, include:

IBMS Research Grant (2016). RM Lamb, I Shergill & SF Hughes. An investigation into the role of inflammatory markers and leukocyte activity following Trans-urethral resection of the bladder tumour (TURBT) for the treatment of bladder cancer. One-year project award (£4,675).

IBMS Research Grant (2016). AJ Moyes, I Shergill & SF Hughes. The effect of flexible ureteroscopy, for the treatment of kidney stones on leukocyte, endothelial and inflammatory markers, as well as clinical outcome measures. One-year project award (£4,963).


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